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Salat Tunjina

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Salatan Tunjina The Prayer Of Relief, The Dua For All Kinds Of Goodness

This is a very important Dua, a prayer to ask for all kind recite 40
times daily:

Allahumma salli ‘ala Sayidina Muhammadin
wa ‘ala ali Sayidina Muhammadin
Salatan tunjina biha min jami’i’l ahwaali wa’l afaat
Wa taqdi lana biha min jami’i’ l haajaat
Wa tutah-hiruna biha min jami’i’- s -saiyaat,
Wa tarfa’una biha indaka ‘ala darrajaat
Wa tuballighuna biha aqsa’l ghayaati min jami’i’l khayraati fi’l
hayaati wa ba’ada’l mamaat
Hasbi Allahu wa ni’amal wakil ( 3 times )
Ni’amal Maula wa ni’amal Nasir
Ghufranaka, Rabbana, wa Ilayka’l masir

English Transliteration

Oh, our Lord, grant your blessings to our Master Muhammad
and the family of our Master Muhammad,
Blessings with which we may be saved from all adverse conditions and misfortunes
With which all our needs may be fulfilled
With which we may be cleansed from all sins
With which may be raised to high spiritual ranks,
And with which we may attain the best of all kinds of goodness in this life
and in the hereafter.
Allah is sufficient for me and the best to arrange all my affairs ( 3 times )
He is the best Lord I can have and the best One to advise me,
I am asking your forgiveness, Oh our Lord, and to Your presence we return.

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Allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina Muhammadin
O Allah bless our Master Muhammad

salatan tunjina bi-ha min jami‘i-l-ahwali wa-l-afat
so that by this prayer You will deliver us from all fears and evils,

Wa taqdi lana biha jami‘i-l-hajat
that You will satisfy all of our needs,

Wa tutahhiruna biha min jami‘i-s-sa’iyat
that You will cleanse us of all our impurities,

Wa tarfa‘una biha ‘ala-d-darajat
that You will raise us to the highest levels,

wa tuballighuna biha aqsa-l-ghayati min jami‘i-l-khayrati
and that You will bring us to the ultimate of all goodness

fi-l-hayati wa ba‘ada-l-mamat
in this life and after death.

Al Fatiha

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